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caotica_tatjana's Journal

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Kensi/Deeks(Ncis: Los Ángeles) - Olivia/Peter(Fringe) - Myka/Pete(Warehouse13) - Steve/Danny(Hawaii Five-0) - Snowhite/Charming(Once upon a time) - Captain Hook/Emma Swan (once upon a time), Mindy/Danny(The Mindy Project)- Oliver/Felicity(Arrow) - Booth/Brennan(Bones) - Hodgins/Cam(Bones) - Veronica/Logan(Veronica Mars) - Luke/Lorelai(Gilmore Girls) - Zoe/Wade(Hart of dixie) - Ron/Hermione(Harry Potter) - Steve/Claudia(Warehouse 13) - Lisbon/Patrick(The mentalist) - Melissa/Joey(Melissa & Joey) - Chuck/Sarah(Chuck) - Vaughn/Sydney(Alias) - Lois/Clark(Smallville) - Amy/Jake(Brooklyn nine nine)- Melinda/Coulson(Agents of shield), Fitz/Simmons(agents of shield) , Sara/Nyssa(Arrow)

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Hi! My name's Tania. I'm spanish. I'm a dreamer, fangirl, shipper, Geek, freak, chaotic, shy, hypochondriac, positive... Love write, read, watch tv shows, photoshop, the music, winter, my friends, travel, laugh, dream, take photos, cold, collect postcards, disney princess, night, blue, number 13...

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